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What we do best.

Our Services

A Personal Touch

At Be Herd, we go beyond the conventional. We believe in adding a personal touch to managing your buildings. Our approach is built on strong relationships, open communication, and a genuine commitment to the well-being of the community within each property.

This personal touch sets the foundation for our services, ensuring that we tailor our offerings to suit the unique needs and objectives of each building. Get in touch to discover how we can make a meaningful difference in the management of your property.

Accounting & Financial

Establish and operate individual bank accounts in the name of the Owners Corporation;

Pay invoices and insurance premiums on behalf of the Owners Corporation, with the ability for the committee to review and approve prior to payment;

Keep Financial records and prepare annual financial statements covering all Owners Corporation revenue and expenditure and assets and liabilities;

Arrange an external auditor to audit the Owners Corporation’s Financial records (if required and at the cost of the Owners Corporation);

Reconcile the Owners Corporation’s bank account/s;

Prepare an annual budget, with the involvement of the Committee, for approval of the Owners Corporation;

Issue notices for fees set and special fees levied by the Owners Corporation with an accompanying letter outlining any changes, where required;

Carry out debt collection, through our internal team or via third parties deemed appropriate by the Manager and, where appropriate and legally allowed, impose interest on outstanding monies.


Arrange placement of insurance only with authorising licensees, listed within clause 1.2 of the COA;

Arrange a valuation of the cost of reinstatement and replacement of the building/s as requested by the Owners Corporation;

Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims with insurers/ brokers, max 15min;

Provide any other insurance services in respect of insurance products offered through the authorising licensees.


Maintain the Owners Corporation register including the names and addresses of Lot owners;

Keep the records of the Owners Corporation including meeting minutes, postal ballots, contracts, etc.;

Make available for inspection the Owners Corporation’s records, via appropriate process;

Keep and supervise the use of the Owners Corporation seal on relevant documents, if still in use;

Prepare and issue Owners Corporation Certificates and answer reasonable enquiries at the cost of the applicant;

Deal with routine inwards and outward correspondence.


Attend Annual General Meeting held during office hours. Meeting exceeding 1 hours duration will be charged at an hourly rate.

Convene, attend, submit annual accounts and budget to and record minutes of the Annual General Meeting;

Submit a report of the Manager’s activities to each Annual General Meeting;

Schedule quarterly Committee Meetings (in advance). Meetings scheduled after 6:00pm and exceeding a duration of 1 hour will be charged at an hourly rate.

Maintenance, Guidance & General

Arrange for repairs/maintenance of Owners Corporation property under $1,000+ GST.

Provide advice and guidance to the Owners Corporation to enable the Owners Corporation to carry out and perform its duties and functions.

Generally implement the decisions and instructions of the Owners Corporation with respect to its duties and functions as set out in this Clause.

Our mission is to consistently provide high quality, personalised strata services.