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Be Empowered. Be Herd.

About Us

Our Story

Who is Be Herd?

As individuals, we live and breathe the property industry, in particular Strata.

For years we have heard that the industry needs to improve, how clients expect more, how service and passion should be ignited back into the strata industry, and we ourselves wished there was a strata company that was aligned to our service expectations.

After searching for this illusive company without success, we realised WE were that strata company - Be Herd was born.

We decided to make a commitment to ensure our customers always come first, that what we aspired to would remain the benchmark we measure ourselves against, with Be Herd you will always be heard.

Authentic & Reliable

Be Herd was built on the notion that property owners and developers in the strata industry need and deserve more from their managers. Joanne and Jaid, as part of the founding team, have each spent years on the frontline, hearing the customer’s demand for responsiveness and reliability.

By focusing on service first, Be Herd aims to answer the call.

Through a combination of trust, reliability and authenticity, relationships are formed. Through this, a company is built and the company prospers.

Our People

Your team, behind the scenes.

Our mission is to consistently provide high quality, personalised strata services.